All UC Santa Barbara-affiliated social media accounts should be registered with the Office of Public Affairs & Communications to be considered for inclusion in the university's official social media directory. Registering your account not only gives you added exposure but also access to ongoing updates, assistance, and training opportunities. If you have questions about starting an account and would like to consult with our social media team, or if you need assistance meeting the following requirements, please email

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Registered accounts should follow basic branding standards for representing the university. Before registering your account, please ensure the following:

  • You have read the university's social media security protocols, guidelines, and best practices.
  • The term “UCSB” is included in both your profile name and social handle, which are as similar as possible across each platform, and your area name is spelled out (space permitting). "UC Santa Barbara" is included in your bio/about section.
  • Your social media profiles are complete and follow UC Santa Barbara’s visual identity system, including the bio/about section, cover photos, and social media avatar. They are clear, legible across devices, and follow UC Santa Barbara’s visual identity system.
    • Avatars should match and be clear and legible across devices. They can be a photograph — they don’t need to repeat your profile/handle name — or you can utilize the UCSB avatar, which conveys an “official” status.
  • Your social media accounts have been active in the last month and publish on a weekly basis.

Campus accounts that are registered with the Office of Public Affairs & Communications for the social media directory are considered official UCSB social media accounts and are expected to represent the university at all times. Our office will frequently monitor these accounts to ensure they remain reflective of university values and continue to meet the standards referenced in UCSB’s social media guidelines and best practices.

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Account Registration

In submitting this form, I agree that my area's leadership is aware of and has approved of this presence on social media. I also agree to follow UC Santa Barbara's social media security protocols, guidelines, and best practices in managing our presence.